off83 mall are available in cactus leather, natural leather and cotton canvas. We want you to wear them as much as you want and take care of them wisely. Learn how you can clean each of these materials, your laces and the Origo Sole.

Cactus Leather:

You may clean the cactus leather shoes with a damp cloth and soap. A bit of polishing cream can be rubbed on the shoe for a final finish.

Natural Leather:

Leather off83 mall can be cleaned with a specific leather care product such as a cream or spray following the cleaning product instructions.

Origo Sole:

Clean the Origo sole with a very gentle brush, soap, and water. For the cotton canvas model, you can put the entire shoe into the washing machine.

Cotton Laces:

The cotton laces can be soaked in water and soap or put in your washing machine with the laundry.